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I would like to say this looks amazing. I would like to see this when it is done, although I can't buy anything online so probably not going to ;-;

Wish I could fund you guys on Patreon :P

I love this game so far and I am excited for the final release. Though, one thing that I would like to see for the final product (and if it is not too much) will be to see more CG. I know it takes a lot of work but I would of love to see what the photo looked like or what happened in the pool. I love the art style and I would love to see more. Good Luck!

Hi Sayvon! The photo having its own CG is one we talked about having in future releases! Like you said, its a lot of work per CG for our artist, but the real barrier is cost of CGs. Those things get expensive! But nonetheless we are pretty determined to have far more CGs in the final product, especially for the H-scenes! Luck appreciated, and we're excited that you loved the game so far!

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Wow! Finally. One thing I am curious about: would you consider making a download version as well, for offline play? That's how I play most of my VNs (keyboard controls just work better for me) and it would be quite helpful. Also, as far as suggestions for the final game go, using custom graphics for backgrounds (not just TynamoBuilder stuff) would be wonderful, and, of course, music is practically a necessity for any VN. Thanks.

We will definitely make a downloadable version!

The soundtrack and BGs are "on the list", haha, as well as voice acting later down the line! Our biggest barrier right now is finances. I'm funding this entirely out-of-pocket, so getting a CG here and there is really what I can afford at the moment. I dream of a day where all our backgrounds are custom and scenes have music though, and it will happen before I consider this game finished.

Thanks for the feedback! :D